Literary Services

Connecting writers with readers through …

Publishing Consultation

  • Strategic alignment consideration for how a book(s) can serve your larger mission and goals for your networks of influence and aggregated audiences.
  • Timelines and action steps for accomplishing the book(s) you want to create.
  • Manuscript creation plan which may include acquiring a collaborative writer (finding the right fit, advising and executing author-writer agreement, supervising writer’s work and managing process).

Editorial Services

  • Concept development for strategic benefit, marketplace positioning, and reader appeal.
  • Audience identification for clarifying what you want to say to whom, what kind of experience you want them to have, and how best to lead them through it to maximize reader engagement and eventual word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Content delivery evaluation for potential formats and channels, from self-publishing to conventional publishing, and for determining how much of the manuscript and what kind of proposal materials are needed for preferred options.
  • Pre-representation services comprise flat-fee options scaled to the amount of work involved.

Literary Representation

  • Proposal development for maximizing appeal to publishing candidates.
  • Pitching projects, negotiating deals, reviewing contracts with transparency, fierce advocacy, and tact.
  • Supervising launch after contract signing as advisor and advocate.
  • Your personal reader and consultant for shaping your writing trajectory and deciding on which books, when, with whom and for whom, will accomplish your goals in sustainable ways.

Do you want help in connecting to your readers?

Contact me now for a schedule of flat-fee services, which I prefer to billable hours because cost, outcome, and timeframes are clear and predictable. This approach benefits both of us, maximizes a productive process, and identifies the benefits to your project.