About Me

Hi, I’m Kathy

In my free time, I’m outdoors at every opportunity. At my desk, I work in three primary roles to help connect writers with readers:

as a guide for writers in process and outcome

as an advocate for readers with writers

and as an advocate for writers with publishers

Just when I think I’ve been at this long enough to feel jaded, I’ll find myself opening the next file with the excitement of a kid at Christmas. Or after lots of hard and seemingly thankless work, writers will accomplish something really stunning and I can feel my heart soar watching them hit the long ball out of the park. 

I have a passion for this work because manuscripts wet with birth are magic, writers are brave and funny and heartbreaking, and publishing is a crazy-making process in which you meet crazy-wonderful people. Then books go on to have a life of their own among their readers, an incredible grace.

Formal Education

2018 M.A. Mental Health Counseling / pastoral therapy, Belmont University

1982 M.A. English, The University of Denver, literature concentration

1978 B.A. English, The King’s College (Briarcliff Manor, NY), minor in education

Primary Vocational Experience

To date, nearly three decades as a literary agent with Helmers Literary Services, Creative Trust Literary Group, and Alive Communications. Primary categories of interest include religion & spirituality, psychology & self-help, memoir, Christian living, family & parenting, literary and historical fiction, arts, theology & biblical studies, church history.

Before defecting to the dark side, two decades inside book publishers with NavPress (Colorado Springs, CO), Helmers & Howard (C.S., CO), and Ziff-Davis (Manhattan, NY) in roles including associate publisher; editorial director, acquisitions and developmental editor; magazine and book editorial; copyediting, technical proofreading, indexing, book design, production & manufacturing.

Alternate Vocational Experience

  • Equine-assisted personal growth work for individuals.
  • Equine-assisted psychotherapy for adults in residential treatment (acute trauma, substance-use disorder).
  • Volunteer, equine programs in CO and TN providing therapeutic horseback riding and mentoring for youth with special needs.
  • Hospice volunteer with a certified therapy dog.

Authors I Have Worked with Include:

Publishers I Have Worked with Include:

I’ve negotiated agreements with across all my literary representation jobs include, in alphabetical order (n.b.—if I included in this list publishing houses to which I formally pitched proposals, especially in my eager early years, it would be much longer) . . .