Connecting Writers with Readers

For the most part, getting published is overrated ... it’s easy to do poorly, hard to do well, and results are often anti-climactic.

Perhaps a more productive goal is helping writers make wise decisions about their writing

  • for clarifying what’s most important to them in connecting with their audience
  • for honing their craft to burnish their voice and maximize reader engagement
  • for making publishing choices to support a sustainable trajectory in their calling.

Helmers Literary Services is focused on connecting writers with readers through

Publishing Consultation

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Literary Representation

“All writers are readers—their own, first and best.”

Kathryn A. Helmers

Book Publishing Veteran

I’ve been in publishing all my life and across decades of change there has been one constant: “Of the making of many books there is no end” (Ecc. 12:12)—some days that’s a curse; some days that’s a blessing.

After four+ decades of massive change in the publishing business, I’m always struck by how much the hard work is rooted in the same few questions:

“What is this book really about?” . . . “What is it you really want to say?” . . . “Who would want to buy this book and why?”. . . “What will happen when they read it?”

These questions, in turn, are essential to the one outcome I care most about: making possible the intimate, timeless, and sacred connection between writer and reader that makes all of us more fully human.

If this hits a nerve, then you and I already have common ground.

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